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Oleg Gazmanov's BIOGRAPHY

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Oleg Gazmanov

GAZMANOV Oleg Mihailovich.

Distinguished artist of Russian Federation (by the order of Russian president B. N. Yeltsin from April 25, 1995).

Born on July 22,1951 in the town Gusev, Kaliningrad's region of Russia. Father was an officer in the Soviet Army. Mother was a cardiologist. In 1973 he graduated from Kaliningrad's Naval Engineering College with a degree in Refrigeration and Compressor Equipment Maintenance. In 1981 he graduated from Kaliningrad's Musical College, majoring in guitar.

He also holds some regional titles in gymnastic.

Oleg Gazmanov first became known as a song writer. His song "Lucy" (1988), performed by his son Rodion Gazmanov, became very popular and opened doors to a new wave of contemporary pop songs for children on the Russian stage. Soon after that, Gazmanov's songs became a part of repertoire of Valery Leontiev, Masha Rasputina, Vladimir Presniacov-Jr., other popular performers.

Oleg Gazmanov's singing career started in 1989. During Oleg's introduction at annual "The World Music Awards" in Monte-Carlo (1992), it was stated": With the first attack of his "Eskadron", Oleg Gazmanov stormed the Russian Hit-Parades. After that five of his songs were intermittently in the top three hits, and this allowed his first album to go Platinum in a month". Invitation to Monte-Carlo, to the annual ceremony of "The World Music Awards" as a "Best selling Russian artist of the year" solidified Oleg's status as a singing star and opened a door to international fame (his album "Eskadron" was selling well in Europe and Canada).

Since 1989, Oleg Gazmanov is a constant participant and winner at the popular annual TV-Awards show "Song Of The Year". Originality of Gazmanov's style as a singer and composer-songwriter is based on his combination of elements from traditional Russian folk music and contemporary pop and rock music, and it allows him to create special niche on a Russian stage.

Huge popularity of his songs and success of concert tours were rewarded by his winning of national prizes "Ovation." Oleg Gazmanov is a winner of four of such prizes. In 1992 he won in the category "song of the year" for his song "Moryachka" and in the category "best male pop singer." In 1993-1994, Oleg won in the category "best songwriter." Oleg won his 4th prize in 1996-1997 for the "Nurturing of Patriotic themes in contemporary Russian music".

Currently, Oleg Gazmanov has released 6 solo albums: "Eskadron" (1991, Jeff Records), "Moryachka" (1993, SNC Records), "Zagulyal" (1994, RDM), "Brodyaga" (1996, RDM), "Moskva-Collection of best hits" (1996, Eskadron Records), "Krasnaya Kniga of Oleg Gazmanov" (1998, Eskadron Records), he also has a few other early "best hits" collections and one unique album "Eskadron Moih Pesen Shal'nyh" (1997) in which Oleg's songs were performed by the brightest stars of Russian stage.

Many of Oleg Gazmanov's songs became popular as videos: "Eskadron" (1989, director O.Gazmanov), "Moryachka" (1991, dir. M. Hleborodov), "Lucy" (1988, dir. V. Korotkov), "Tantsuy Poka Molodoy" (1992, dir. M. Makarenkov), "Moya Lubov' " (1993, dir. A. Razenkov), "Aeroflot" (1993, dir. G. Ilugdin), "Zagulyal" (1993, dir. M. Hleborodov), "Zakroy Moyi Glaza"(1993, dir. I. Pesotsky), "A Ya Devushek Lyublyu" (1994, dir I. Pesotsky), "Football" (1994, dir. U. Fishman), "Baltiysky Bereg" (1995, dir. U. Fishman), "Brodyaga" (1996, dir. T. Barkalaya), "Moskva" (1996, dir. N. Mihalkov), "Nadezhda Umirayet Posledney" (1996, dir. G. Gavrilov), "Motylek" (1998, dir. A. Petrosian), "Mne Ne Nravitsya Dozhd' " (1998, dir. V. Razgulin), "Etot Den' " (1998, dir. V. Razgulin), and others.

In 1997, Oleg Gazmanov amazed his audience with two incredible new projects: "Moy Hram" and "Moskva". Director Sergey Debizhev from St.Petersburg is behind the video versions of these songs, that could easily be considered to be the most expensive and the most complex videos in Russia. The song "Moskva" became the unofficial anthem of the city-the reborn capital of Russia. The song "Moy Hram" is a unique combination of traditional Russia church music and the elements of a rock ballad. While working on this song, Oleg Gazmanov received a blessing and a special permission from the leaders of Moscow's Patriarchy. Philosophical content of this song determined its unusual musical and stage presentation during the concerts in Russia's capital, where it was performed accompanied by the National choir (artistic director V.Sudakov) and church bells sounds from the group "Bells of Russia".

Since 1995, every year on the eve of the "Day of National Defender" (former "Day of the Soviet Army") on February 23, on the stage of the concert hall "Rossiya," Oleg Gazmanov presents his solo concerts called "Gospoda Ofitsery". In these lavish productions, Oleg Gazmanov acts as the performer, producer and director. Today, when the "Day of National Defender" is an established holiday, not too many people remember that the first show "Gospoda Ofitsery 95" were planed by Oleg Gazmanov during a very bleak period of time in our country: "Day of the Soviet Army" has just been dismissed as a holiday by the government. Maybe that's why Oleg's desire to give people back a holiday on February 23 made that show such a success, that that official government as inspired to return a national holiday status to that date. Anyway, right after the enormous success of the "Gospoda Ofitsery 95", officials Announced about the reinstatement of the holiday and renamed it "Day of the National Defender."Brief but successful history of this project by Oleg Gazmanov, has about 20 sold out shows to date, because since 1996 by request from the managers of the concert hall "Rossiya", "Gospoda Ofitsery" also is shown on the eve of the "Day Of the Victory" (May 9). Also this magnificent show has been recreated in its entirety on the most prestigious stage in St.Petersburg the concert hall "Oktyabr'sky". In the framework of this project, Oleg Gazmanov as a poet, composer and singer, has an opportunity to introduce his new work to the audience. So during the "Gospoda Ofitsery-96" his album "Brodyaga" was introduced, and during "Gospoda Ofitsery-98" he introduced his new album "Krasnaya Kniga Olega Gazmanova.""Gospoda Ofitsery"- an incredible show with wonderful sound and amazing light effects is a result of a collaboration of a great professional team (stage production- A. Grimm, light artist I. Yung, director- G. Cherniy, acting producer- L. Gotovtsev) led by Oleg Gazmanov, who acted in a brand new role-director and producer. Each number in this concert is a mini show in itself with its own script and sharp staging. There are over 160 people that appear on stage during this show: choirs, military orchestra, dancers, marching drummers, and classical ballet dancers, and their presence adds to the unforgettable experience of Oleg Gazmanov's concert. In 1997, "Gospoda Ofitsery-96" won an award for excellence in performing arts from the government of Moscow.Sometimes, a concert is not just a cultural event or presentation of a new album, occasionally it becomes an occasion for presentation of awards, gifts, nominations and sometimes even titles and degrees. When he started the cycle of now famous shows "Gospoda Ofitsery", Oleg Gazmanov did not even expect to add on to his rather sizable collection of awards and citations. But in February of 1995, during the first shows of "Gospoda Ofitsery-95", the Russian member of International Academy of Arts in San Marino- Mahmud Esambayev announced that Oleg Gazmanov was awarded an honorary Masters degree in art of popular music (the only other Russian performer that was ever awarded a Masters degree by the International Academy of Arts in San Marino is Vladimir Atlantov, a classical vocalist). In 1995, Oleg Gazmanov also received the title "Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation." In February 1997, during "Gospoda Ofitsery-97", Oleg Gazmanov became a proud recipient of a medal "Children's Love" that was sanctioned by a Russian Foundation called "Children's Voice". That was, by far, the most touching award that Oleg has ever received. On May 9th, 1997, during the show dedicated to the "Day of the Victory" a new title or should we say rank was bestowed on the singer-an honorary rank of a lieutenant colonel in the Georgievsky Cadet Corpus, this title was awarded by the Association of Cadet Schools and Divisions of Moscow. In February of 1998, during "Gospoda Ofitsery-98", that introduced "Krasnaya Kniga Olega Gazmanova" to the public, the Minister of Culture presented to the "Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation" a Letter of Gratitude for the Russian President for the "enormous personal involvement in children's charities". In the spring of 1999, the singer received the award "Ovation" for 1998, and on May 9th of the same year, a star with his name on it was dedicated in the "Star Square" at the entrance to the Concert Hall Rossiya.The record number of sold out shows in the capital and the televised concerts, increased the public interest in the singer. He constantly receives requests to bring his show in its entirety with the complete cast of performers to various cities and towns in Russia. The popularity of Oleg Gazmanov has reached such a proportion that his concerts are in the highest demand all over Russia, in former Soviet Republics, and even foreign countries. The singer is always invited to perform at prestigious music festival "Slovyansky Bazar." Oleg Gazmanov has also graced with his performance foreign festivals "Pesnya Goda" (Song of the Year) that took place in New York and Berlin. A major event of his performing career was a tour of the United States in June of 1997. This tour was the first professional solo tour of a Russian pop-star on the North American Continent. He performed on many prestigious stages in Toronto, Atlantic City (at 2000 seat "Grand Theater" at the Hilton Hotel and Casino-2 shows), and Chicago (4000 seat "Medina Temple"). At each of those concerts, the whole audience sang with Oleg during his performance of the song "Moskva" which in a way became a symbolic gift to Oleg Gazmanov and a major surprise to the Tour's organizers. Americans that attended his concerts in Atlantic City called him "Russian Singing Sensation." The demand of the public to see the singer again has strengthened the business propositions for Oleg Gazmanov to appear in other American cities, especially in New York, at the prestigious Radio City Music Hall.On November 22 of 1997, on the largest stage in Moscow-the Olympic Arena, a huge star studded show called "Eskadron Moyih Pesen Shal'nyh" took place. Gazmanov's hits were performed by Laima Vaikule, Vika Tsyganova, Tatiana Ovsienko, Philip Kirkorov, Larisa Dolina, Iosif Kobzon, Valery Siutkin, pop group "Na Na," and many other stars. The poetry of Oleg Gazmanov was performed by the National Stat of Russia- Nickolay Karachentsov. This show became a major tribute to Gazmanov the Author, and according to the public, this was one of the best shows of that year.

The acting talent of Gazmanov has presented itself during the popular movie-projects "Stariye Pesni O Glavnom-1" ( 1996), and "Stariye Pesni O Glavnom-2" (1997). Also, the singer has received many offers from many famous film directors in the forms of scripts written "for Gazmanov." Oleg admits that he might "try himself" in a movie in the near future.

Everything we have said above demonstrates the enormity of the artistic and human potential of Oleg Gazmanov, The Superstar of Russian show business, and a major persona of Russian musical culture.

Gazmanov currently resides in Moscow, in the Serebryaniy Bor nature reserve,on the shore of the Bezdonnoye Lake.

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